Tuesday, August 08, 2006

what, the hell, is the secret ?

okay, we come closer to the secret... but not yet! perhaps in three weeks!
But sorry, my english is horrible, but- don't worry - HABERMAS, a very great philosoph said, that every communication is a great misunderstanding, nobody understood what someone else means- isn't it scary? Not in my case... please write and correct me!!!!
First of all, I want to tell something about me... what??? ...boring? it's your decision, switch to
"Cooking course for trees", or " guineapigsindanger" (it's not a joke, we have a webside in germany, named www.meerschweincheninnot.de - gimme breath !!!)
Anyway, I want to show you the speicherstadt in hamburg in my view- the touristpictures you can see at the corresponding webside- the link comes later-I can 't create that now - I have to counsil my blogsupervisor- she' s a phenomenal person!
The speicherstadt is the most famous area, witch is now developing in europe! You can buy an apartement with 60 squaremeters for only 500.000 euro! Okay, this is the dark side, I don't now how it goes...
There're so many great places and views inside, and I love this place very much, it binds the history over a lenght of 300 years. This place is full of storys of dockers, their live, love and death.

window inside speicherstadt

if you want to know, how it it is to be blind in a restaurant, enjoy it here, it' s a new experience!

We germans think about every risk, we can imagine..and we have a lot of imaginations

hm...well...it could happen...

....you can go over the bridge bow, that's not comparable with Di caprio in "TITANIC"
it's more, it's much more...
(to be continued,we have time to reveal the secret...)


Blogger shannon said...

ich finde deine Bild der Welt phenomenal! und fangen wir gerade mit dem schildkommentar an!

7:39 AM  

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